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We welcome parents and extended family to our classroopm. We really appreciate any parent help. So far we have two lovely mums, Kylee and June who are giving up their precious time to help out with reading. Remember the more practice the children get, the more confident they become. Thank you to all you terrific parents who are supporting your children with homework. As a teacher I can see the growth with home reinforcement. Keep up the great work.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


When we went for our last visit to the caravan, we all got the chance to meet Harold.  Bernie let us have our photo taken with him.  He was teasing us and making us laugh.  He pulled funny faces and he was being really silly.  Here is our description of Harold:  he had a jet black mane, a very long neck, two stubby horns, brown and yellow spotty skin, two soft oval ears, pink gums and no teeth, a big watermelon smile, bright sparkly eyes with long curly eyelashes.  Bernie told us that his tongue is so long, that he can clean his ears!!

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